Vintage Low Cost Classic Jeep CJ Willys For Sale
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Classic Jeep CJ and Willys For Sale

Why do you want a classic low cost Jeep CJ instead of a newer one?
The newer Wrangler is more car-like and not a serious off road vehicle like the Jeep CJ series or the vintage Willys Jeep 4x4. The older ones are increasing in value every year, so they make for a very wise investment.
For you survivalist, these older Jeeps don't have computerized electronics. They are pretty much EMP proof. If we get nuked, these will be some of the few vehicles still running.
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My first 4x4 vehicle experience was with a low cost Willys Jeep CJ-3 that was labled MB. I bought it for $800 and it came in a crate. It was made in the 1940s and needed put together. It was covered in 30 year old grease that was as thick as candle wax. Some parts I had to replace such as the spark plug wires, body wiring and the carb. It took about two weeks to clean all the parts and put it together. When I was all done, I had a nice miltary MB Willys Army Jeep that I could take off road. It was so fun to drive even though top speed was only about 55 MPH. Tires started to be another problem as they only lasted a few weeks. It also took a little work to make the Willys Army cheap Jeep CJ-5 road legal. My next project was a 1950s vintage Willys Pickup truck. Other models: MB CJ-3B Kaiser CJ-3A CJ-2A M38 M38A1 Ford GPW GB GPA Ford Pygmy Kaiser AM General M151 MUTT Bantam BRC-40 M606 M170

The classic Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-7 were big sellers when American Motors (AMC) was in control of production. I owned a well used post 1960s CJ-5 with the 258 or 4.2L straight 6 and 3 speed transmisson. Later I purchased a brand new 1970s cheap Jeep CJ-7 with the 304 V8 and automatic (AT) transmission. The CJ-5 was more truck like and had loads of low end torque. It would climb anywhere it could get decent traction. The V8 powered CJ-7 was a hot-rod. You could blast down dirt roads and trails at racing speed. A popular swap was to install the 350 Chevy V8 in place of the 304 AMC engine. I don't really know why as the 304 was just as reliable, plus there are low cost hop-up accessories available since the American Motors Javlin and AMX used the same motor. Models: Renegade 1976 to 1986 Golden Eagle 1976 to 1979 Laredo 1980 to 1986 Jamboree Edition Wrangler Tuxedo Park CJ-8 Scrambler pickup.

Avoid the Craigslist scams! Don't get ripped off on low cost deals on craigslist. Make sure to bring a friend with you when you go to buy.
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